Oscars Law Rally – Sunday 16th Sept

This Sunday at midday in Melbourne, PetHomeStay will be taking part in a rally to raise awareness and change legislation about the appalling nature of puppy farms, in a movement known as Oscars Law.

Oscar’s Law is a very simple campaign: it enables everyone to make a stand and tell the Government that “We do not want companion animals factory farmed anymore” and “We no longer want the pet industry to mislead us about what is acceptable for our animals”.

Hundreds of concerned citizens will gather on the steps of the Houses of Parliament to deliver the message that this behaviour simply isn’t acceptable, and argue for better legislation for Local Government inspections and permits.

The other key message is to raise public awareness around the responsible and humane way to own a pet – get one from a registered breeder or adopt one from a shelter. DO NOT buy one from a pet shop (unless possibly they partner with a local shelter, see below), and DO NOT buy over the internet from someone else.

As a pet owner and lover, I feel really strongly about this issue. We absolutely need to help change the way pets are kept, bred and sold.

I have walked past pet shops many times and seen kids really wanting the puppies, badgering their parents to let them have one, drawing the crowd in so they can make impulse purchases. All too often, the parents simply don’t think about what has had to happen to get the puppies there, and they don’t ask the shop owner either.

There is a way that stores can get both the crowd dollar and potentially help others. My old local store,  Animates in New Zealand, have made a partnership with the local SPCA via their Saving Lives programme, and in some stores the only puppies they have are from the local shelter, stay for a maximum of 2 days, and are only in front of the public for a maximum number of hours per day. It is still not an ideal solution, (that will only come from public education) however  if people are going to continue to demand pets from pet stores, least they are taking a more responsible path and trying to help their local shelter, and educate at the same time.

Here in Australia, the only way things will change is if people insist on spending their money more responsibly, and advocating for change.

I urge you to join us on Sunday and make a difference to the way companion animals are kept, bred and sold.

Yours sincerely


Founder, PetHomeStay


I would love to know what YOU think!

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