The Awesome Foundation Award!

Happy New Year everyone!

awesome foundation logo

I just wanted to personally say thanks for supporting our little PetHomeStay community over the last few months, and wish you and your furry companions a Happy Summer ūüôā

Over the last couple of weeks we have had some amazing press coverage, of how PetHomeStay is reinventing local pet care. We have had coverage in:-

  • Melbourne Leader¬†a different article featuring fantastic¬†PetHomeStayer Kate Chinside from Northcote,¬†which has been syndicated across the Leaders network including¬†Manningham, Northcote¬†and others.
  • We were also featured in a news article on the Win7 Bendigo News at 6pm (YouTube video to follow!).
  • And I am also proud to announce that two days ago¬†PetHomeStay has just been awarded the December Award from the¬†Awesome Foundation!¬†This is an amazing new social initiative, that awards a monthly grant to a project that the foundation considers “Forwards the Interest of Awesome in the Universe!”

The Awesome Foundation : PetHomeStay Videos – Sharing the Care of Pets!.Once again, thanks for recommending to people about PetHomeStay, sharing your listings via Facebook as below¬†(you have not done this yet?!! Give it a go, it takes less than a minute!), and being open to trying a new way of helping people and their pets. PetHomeStay simply wouldn’t exist without our community, and it is¬†really humbling to get all of your fantastic feedback, ideas for improvement, and encouragement for the future!

Thank you, and Have a great Summer everyone!




  1. Congrats on the grant from The Awesome Foundation ūüôā

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