PetHomeStay is a lively start-up, founded by pet lovers Tom LeGrice and Bronwyn Dilley in early 2012.

It was just getting too hard to juggle work, family, schedules, friends and still have time to dedicate to properly owning a pet. If you really care about your pet, you need to make sure it is happy in its environment. I used to hate leaving my dog alone all day, so used Dog Day care centres a lot, but even that took time to drive across town, and cost a lot of money as well. I wanted to create something which helped us to give our pets a better standard of life, and help my community of pet lovers around us with their pets as well.

Pets are all about being social. Owing them, taking them for walks at the park, or down the beach, pets are generally fun to be around and make you a more social person. They are good for the soul and live for the moment, and are always pleased to see you. They are good with kids and show you the value of life.

As we have built PetHomeStay, we have really thought about how we could bring together other pet lovers when they need help, and tried to facilitate enabling all people to have a chance of finding cheap, local, trusted pet care near them.

We don’t think that having a busy modern life should exclude you from owning a pet, or make it harder than it needs to be. We want to help make owning a pet fun & easy again.

So visit us on PetHomeStay.com today, register your pet and your house for your own PetHomeStay, and help your local pet loving community!

Thank You!


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