PetHomeStay – A Social Local Community


PetHomeStay is the first Australian and New Zealand community that allows pet owners to find trusted, local friendly homestays and services for their pet!

It is a little bit like the ‘Airbnb’ of the pet world – pet lovers list their spare backyard or spot by the fireplace as available (a PetHomeStay), and pet owners take their pet over when they need some help. People may also use PetHomeStay for finding someone to pet sit in their own home, like a traditional house sitter.

We have also created the ability for professional pet companies to create a listing (PetServices), so the community can rate other pet care services that they have had experience with, so the whole community can benefit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly find a range of fantastic people to help out, who are experts in looking after your specific pet?

Simply register a profile of your pet, select the right PetHomeStay or PetService for your needs, and feedback to the community your experience! Easy!

As pet lovers ourselves, we see that with the demands on people’s modern lives, owning a pet is becoming more and more difficult.

Work, going away for holiday breaks, moving houses, renovating, or sometimes it is just something last minute like the traffic snarling up so you can’t get home to feed Fido.

And pets, especially dogs, are generally social animals. They need company and stimulation in order to be happy and healthy. Being constantly alone all day, or overnight isn’t good for any animal. Likewise, when you have to travel really far out of town to get to a decent kennels or cattery, it’s pretty inconvenient for you too!

We really believe that there are lots of friendly, local pet lovers who would be happy to look after someone else’s fur baby if needed. Most pet owners have looked after friends or relatives animals anyway.

Sure, people have the right to charge a little money for their time, and that comes in very handy for some people who want to look after pets every night, but there are a lot of people on PetHomeStay who just love looking after dogs once a week or for people they really know. And at the other end, there are professional people who have pet first aid and other qualifications, who are able to charge a premium for their services. We make it easy for everyone to find the right service for them.

By providing a feedback mechanism, so people can find trusted local pet lovers to help out, we believe that we can make owning a pet that little easier, a little more social, and a little more fun.

And that’s got to be good for both you AND the pet, right??


One comment

  1. Hi Frank,
    The cost of our service varies depending on which HomeStay you select. If you go to, and enter your postcode, you will be able to see many HomeStays that are near to you if you are in the Melbourne region. Once you are registered, you can enquire directly with the HomeStays that you like. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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